About Us

Consciously crafted fine-jewels influenced by cultures worldwide, at Amai Amara, we embody a new and unique take on timeless jewelry. Beautifully crafted to last a lifetime and curated in limited capsule collections.

All jewelry has a story to tell; our curated collection of intricate designs are influenced by different cultures from London to Harare. Regardless of your journey, we’re on a mission to create eye-catching, minimalistic accessories that accentuate your natural aura. It is a testament to our unusual designs, of which we work hard to capture each intricate feature they possess.

Incorporating our fresh outlook onto classic designs, at Amai Amara, we highlight our strong focus on sustainability and quality. Whilst we acknowledge an ever-changing world around us, we constantly strive to captivate our customers that conserve the latest in sustainable practices whilst not compromising on quality.

Amai Amara expertly combines expert craftsmanship and an eye for high-quality grade materials, combining Mother of Pearl, Onyx, Harz and Birthstones into our collections.

Where It Began

Our jewelry journey began in a small workshop in Berlin, driven by a vision to redefine the jewelry industry with conscious creations.

Our Foundations

A creative concept brought to life by two sisters Chiara and Taona, Amai Amara’s story began as a dream from their childhood. Uniquely combining their inspiration gathered from all the places they have ever lived in, they sought out to create unique pieces which reflect their heritage and beliefs.

Inspired by the love of both their mother and grandmothers, they named their brand ‘Amai’; in Shona, this name stands for ‘mother’, representing a piece of all of them & reflecting their unique take on jewelry design in honor of their support. The second name, ‘Amara,’ stands for everlasting grace, beauty and light, which they reflect fundamentally in all of their pieces.

Message from Founders

“Growing up in sub-saharan African, the birthplace of my father, the simplicity as well as the vibrance of colors both in fashion and jewelry design was forever fascinating to me. The patterns are clean whilst vibrant and often celebrate different design elements connected to our heritage and are often worn for a lifetime and passed down by generations. Til today I wear several heirlooms." - Taona

"Living in Europe today, the birthplace of my mother and where I am based now, the influence of jewelry keeps growing and evolving and I continue embracing an explosion of different looks in the birthplace of classic fashion such as Paris, Milan and London. My design journey began four years ago in 2019 and I will continue to hold onto my closest virtues: quality design and pieces that will follow you for a lifetime.” - Chiara

Our jewelry is a symbol of our commitment to a better world, creating heirlooms where exquisite craftsmanship and responsible practices harmoniously coexist.